Dating from way back in October of 2001 Windows XP had been Redmond’s most highly regarded OS until Windows 7 hit in October 2009. After 13 years of service Windows XP finally got dropped by Microsoft on 08 April 2014. Speaking of nostalgia, there are still huge manuals lying around in my house, Win 95, Win 98, Word and Excel amongst a few. I haven’t read them, but it was the only way for us to troubleshoot before GOOGLE became mainstream. I had memorised the noises BIOS made while checking all the hardware before booting up. I recall how my heart would skip a beat when the noises got out of whack. Still a few boxes of Maxell and Sony floppy disks and disk holders from the office are lying around somewhere. There were times when the floppy would get stuck in the drive. DOS games like Pacman, and Dangerous Dave amongst a few others was the only entertainment one could expect from a computer. CD’s followed, and HDD’s grew, DVD’s were introduced. I recall how optical drives kept testing my patience whenever there were a few scratches on any of the disks. I’d take it out and wipe it and try again only to be disappointed in the end. The importance of the internet started growing. I remember the days of the dial up modems. It was such a pain to wait for a couple of minutes and hear the modem do ridiculous noises, just to attempt another connection because of connection failure. The speeds were ridiculous at that time, and I recall waiting for over 5 minutes for some websites to simply open up. I remember I had upgraded to a 40GB hdd and had thought that I’d never use it all in my lifetime. I had thought the same thing earlier, before the upgrade too. Now, even 6TB isn’t enough to hold all the data I’ve got. I don’t think today’s generation will know all of this!!

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