NanoStation M2 is the device designed to advance the Global Wireless ISP industry to the next level. Featuring a compact indoor/outdoor design and an interface, it is so intuitive even the most technically challenged can instantly become experts. But don’t be fooled, it is as powerful as it is simple. NanoStation M2 packs some phenomenal performance with a revolutionary design combining a high gain 4 antenna system, advanced radio architecture and highly researched and developed firmware technology allowing throughput, stability and capacity performance rivaling even the highest-end WiMax networks.¬†WIRELESS CPE, OUTDOOR 2×2 MIMO 11DBI DUAL-POL 802.11g/n 600mW. 150+ Mbps real outdoor throughput and up to 15km+ range. Featuring 2×2 MIMO technology. New antenna array designs featuring 11dBi at 2.4GHz with optimized cross-polarity isolation in a compact form-factor. The NanoStation M2 provides a secondary ethernet port with software enabled POE output for seamless IP Video integration.

Availability in Nairobi:

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