Tinder and Twitch receive penalties from Russian court for not localising data

Moscow, September 4, 2023 (Reuters):  Match Group, which runs Tinder, was fined 10 million roubles ($104,000) by a Russian court on Monday, while Twitch was fined 13 million roubles ($135,000) for repeatedly failing to localise data in compliance with Russian legislation.

According to data localization or data residency regulations, prior to being transmitted internationally, data regarding inhabitants or residents of a certain country must first be gathered, processed, or kept there. Normally, the information can only be sent when it complies with regional privacy or data protection regulations, which may include notifying users of its intended purpose and getting their agreement. Data localization is founded on the idea of data sovereignty, which holds that information is governed by the laws and regulations of the country or territory in which it was gathered. Records pertaining to inhabitants or residents of a country may need to adhere to that nation’s personal or financial data processing rules in order to maintain data sovereignty. 

Previously, Facebook faced data privacy and ads litigation in EU restricting them to revise their ads and data control parameters.  


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