Amazon is taking a bold step in the world of streaming entertainment by offering more than 100 of its exclusive Prime Video original series and movies for free on its platform known as Freevee. This move follows a trend in the industry, with HBO and Warner Brothers also making some of their premium content available for free on Roku earlier this year, including shows that were originally broadcast on television.

While the complete list of Prime original content heading to Freevee is not yet disclosed, viewers can anticipate enjoying titles such as “The Summer I Turned Pretty,” “The Wheel of Time,” “Late Night,” “Troop Zero,” and “Reacher.” However, don’t expect all 100-plus titles to drop at once. Amazon intends to roll them out gradually over the course of the year.

Amazon seems determined to seize a significant share of the free-streaming market through Freevee. Last year, they rebranded their service from IMDB TV to Freevee to better emphasize its free accessibility. It could have been called “Zon” or “Free TV,” but Freevee was the chosen name. This move may be a nod to the fact that, while ads might be a minor inconvenience for many, Amazon Prime comes with a price tag starting at $14.99 per month or $139 per year for individuals. You can access Freevee through Amazon, its Fire TV stick, or as a standalone app on iOS, Android, Xbox, most smart TVs, and other platforms.

Freevee isn’t just a repository for Amazon’s content; it also produces its own original shows, such as “America’s Test Kitchen: The Next Generation” and “Judy Justice.” Additionally, it offers a selection of titles beyond the Amazon production family, including popular series like “Schitt’s Creek,” “John Wick,” and “Bones.”