In a groundbreaking research study conducted at the University of Victoria, Canada, and published in the latest issue of Journal of Exercise Science & Fitness, Supernatural, the leading virtual reality fitness platform, has been scientifically proven to deliver workout results equivalent to traditional cardio activities such as running, boxing, and swimming.

Led by Dr. Ryan Rhodes, alongside co-authors Tabitha Craig and Dr. Yoah Sui, the study aimed to assess the effectiveness of VR workouts compared to conventional forms of cardiovascular exercise. The findings challenge skepticism surrounding VR fitness, offering compelling evidence for its efficacy.

The study revealed that workouts in Supernatural qualify as vigorous activity, meeting the recommended physical activity guidelines with just half the time investment required for low to moderate physical activities. For instance, Supernatural’s signature workout, Supernatural Flow, delivers a full-body cardio experience equivalent to running, while Supernatural Boxing mirrors the intensity of real-life boxing, cycling, or aerobic dancing.

Leanne Pedante, Head of Fitness at Supernatural, emphasized the study’s significance in dispelling the notion of fitness as a grueling endeavor. “There is a common misconception that workouts have to be a no-pain, no-gain situation,” she stated. “This study proves that you can experience the joy and fun that many report feeling in their Supernatural fitness routine, without compromising in terms of energy expended.”

Echoing this sentiment, Aaron Koblin, Co-Founder of Supernatural, highlighted the platform’s mission to make movement accessible, enjoyable, and impactful. “We’ve always believed that the best workout is the one you actually do,” Koblin remarked. “Supernatural was created to improve lives through making movement accessible, enjoyable, and fun.”

The study’s findings mark a significant milestone in the evolution of virtual reality fitness, offering compelling evidence for its effectiveness as a viable alternative to traditional forms of exercise. As the fitness industry continues to embrace innovation, Supernatural stands at the forefront, revolutionizing how individuals approach physical activity, one VR workout at a time.