Bluesky, the brainchild of Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey, made its debut in October 2021, aiming to offer users an alternative to the social media giant. Now, after a period of exclusivity, Bluesky is opening its doors to the public, allowing users to download the app or sign up on the website without the need for invites.

Led by Chief Executive Jay Graber, Bluesky sets itself apart by embracing a playful and chaotic atmosphere, encouraging a high level of user engagement. While critics argue that Bluesky may have missed the boat by limiting access for so long, Graber believes in the platform’s unique merits.

Unlike its rivals, Bluesky plans to introduce advertisements at a gradual pace to preserve the user experience. Graber emphasizes that there will always be free options, thanks to the platform’s decentralized nature. Bluesky operates on multiple servers run by various entities, ensuring that no single company controls it.

Bluesky officially appeared on the Apple App Store in February 2023, with an Android version following in April. The app’s interface is reminiscent of Twitter, featuring likes, reposts known as “skeets,” and comments. The platform quickly gained attention from celebrities dissatisfied with Twitter’s management, including Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Chrissy Teigen, and Christopher McQuarrie.

The rollout of Bluesky has been deliberate, with invites initially being the exclusive way to access the platform. This strategy aimed to generate hype, manage demand, and prevent server overload. Despite its slow start, Bluesky boasts a user base that includes prominent figures from various industries.

However, Bluesky has not been without controversy. Last July, the platform faced criticism for briefly allowing accounts containing racial slurs. While the offending account was promptly banned, the incident raised concerns about Bluesky’s approach to moderation. The platform has since updated its community guidelines to address issues of racism and harassment.

In its quest to be a viable Twitter alternative, Bluesky faces challenges and scrutiny. Its decentralized model, playful atmosphere, and commitment to user experience set it apart, but only time will tell if it can truly rival the social media giants.