Huawei, in collaboration with BJFF, has been awarded the prestigious GSMA GLOMO award for their innovative AI-powered solution aimed at conserving Norway’s wild Atlantic salmon population. The project, part of Huawei’s TECH4ALL initiative, showcases the power of technology in addressing environmental challenges while promoting sustainable development.

The award, presented at MWC Barcelona 2024, recognizes the outstanding mobile contribution to the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Huawei’s Senior Vice President, Lu Yong, expressed gratitude for the recognition, emphasizing the importance of technology in building a greener world.

The project, developed over three years with local partners, targets the threat posed by the invasive humpback salmon species to Norway’s rivers. Using cutting-edge technology, including AI algorithms and underwater cameras, the solution filters out humpback salmon from the river system, thus safeguarding the native Atlantic salmon.

Geir Kristiansen, Chairman of BJFF, hailed the project as a groundbreaking endeavor, protecting not only the rivers and salmon but also demonstrating how innovation can address global environmental challenges.

The solution works by directing fish through a tunnel equipped with intelligent gates that identify and filter out humpback salmon while allowing other species to pass. With an identification accuracy rate exceeding 99%, the system significantly reduces manual efforts and minimizes harm to fish compared to traditional methods.

During pilot projects in 2023, the solution successfully filtered out thousands of humpback salmon, marking a significant step in preserving Norway’s salmon population.

The GSMA GLOMO award, decided by an independent panel of judges, highlights the project’s scalability, execution, and impressive results. Huawei’s success at this year’s MWC, including seven GLOMO awards, underscores its commitment to innovation and sustainability in the mobile ecosystem.

The recognition of Huawei and BJFF’s collaborative effort underscores the potential of technology in addressing pressing environmental issues and driving positive change globally.