In a recent development, Instagram announced new features to create music and collaborate with friends.  Now you can add music to photo carousels and ask your friends to collaborate with you on your reels and stories.

Your Photo Carousels’s Music

You can now include music in your photo carousels, whether you’re sharing a compilation of summertime memories with pals or pictures from your camera roll. Anyone may add a song to their carousel to set the mood and make it come to life, building on our recent debut of music-for-feed photographs.

Ask Your Friends to Work with You on a Post or a Reel

With Collabs, we’re expanding your options: You can now ask up to three pals to co-author a feed post, carousel, or reel. Once they agree, the content will be seen by the audience of each contributor and displayed on each account’s profile grid.

Have a private account? No problem, you may add collaborators on a post or reel from both private and public accounts. As long as they follow you back, you can create your own post or reel on a private account and invite collaborators.

Participate With Your Favourite Artists and Creators on Reels

A creator or artist may use the Add Your sticker to invite their fans to participate in a fun prompt or challenge they design for Reels. They can then hand-pick their favourite entries to highlight their fans’ creativity.

To add their own take on an Add Yours challenge and have a chance of being recognised by the creator, anyone can build a reel. If a creator selects your reel as one of their favourites, you’ll be alerted, and if your Instagram account is public, anybody can view your entry by touching the Add Yours sticker.