Anticipating Record Attendance: Over 172,000 Enthusiasts Set to Converge at LEAP 2024

LEAP, Saudi Arabia’s renowned tech event dubbed as the “Digital Davos,” is gearing up for its third edition scheduled from March 4 to March 7, promising to be bigger and more impactful than ever before. With expectations soaring, over 172,000 attendees are anticipated to convene at the Riyadh Exhibition and Convention Center in the heart of Saudi Arabia’s capital city.

Boasting a lineup of 1,000 speakers and over 1,800 global exhibitors, LEAP will take center stage in discussions revolving around Generative AI (GAI) and the imminent future of various industries. The event, organized by Tahaluf—a collaboration between Informa PLC, the Saudi Federation for Cybersecurity, Programming and Drones (SAFCSP), and the Events Investment Fund (EIF)—has swiftly established itself as a global powerhouse in the tech domain.

In 2023, LEAP witnessed an astounding $9 billion in on-event investment deals, underscoring its significance as a catalyst for technological advancement and business growth. This year, the event is poised to set new records with projected onsite investment deals soaring to a staggering $4.5 trillion.

LEAP, Saudi Arabia's "Digital Davos," Returns Bigger in 2024
LEAP 2024: Saudi Arabia’s ‘Digital Davos’ Returns with a Bang

Reflecting the exponential growth and importance of AI, the global market for Generative AI is anticipated to skyrocket to $51.8 billion by 2028, with the Middle East poised to reap substantial benefits. PwC estimates that by 2030, AI’s impact in the region could amount to a colossal $320 billion, with Saudi Arabia leading the charge with an economic gain of $135.2 billion.

LEAP 2024 aims to serve as a melting pot of ideas, with more than 1,000 regional and global experts slated to share insights across 15 key tracks on 13 stages—an expansion from last year’s offerings. Michael Champion, CEO of Tahaluf, emphasized the event’s role in fostering dialogue and awareness about the rapid digital transformation sweeping across various sectors.

The event’s Main Stage will witness thought-provoking discussions led by C-suite executives from prominent organizations worldwide. Concurrently, DeepFest—a gathering dedicated to the AI market—will provide a platform for global leaders, data scientists, innovators, and entrepreneurs to explore the latest trends in tech, including GAI, robotics, and ethical considerations in AI.

LEAP 2024’s focus extends beyond theoretical discussions, with the Fourth Industrial Revolution Stage (4IR) poised to accelerate digital transformation across industries. With leading figures like Hakan Cervell, vice president of Ericsson Saudi Arabia and Egypt, spearheading discussions, the stage aims to delve into transformative technologies that will redefine manufacturing and enterprise operations.

The event’s comprehensive agenda encompasses tracks dedicated to retail, energy, smart cities, creative economy, edtech, fintech, and healthtech, showcasing how technology is reshaping businesses and societies alike. From discussions on sustainable energy to the integration of technology in healthcare, LEAP 2024 promises to be a pivotal moment in shaping the future of tech-enabled industries.

As LEAP 2024 unfolds, it underscores Saudi Arabia’s commitment to innovation and its pivotal role in driving global technological advancements, setting the stage for groundbreaking collaborations and transformative developments in the years to come.