In a groundbreaking move, OpenAI has unveiled the GPT Store, a game-changing platform that aims to redefine the way users interact with ChatGPT. Merely two months following the introduction of GPTs, over 3 million distinct versions of ChatGPT have been crafted by users. The GPT Store, which is now available to ChatGPT Plus, Team, and Enterprise users, represents OpenAI’s dedication to curating a collection of valuable and trending GPTs.

Discovering the GPT Store’s Potential

The GPT Store offers a rich tapestry of custom GPTs, meticulously crafted by both OpenAI’s esteemed partners and the dynamic community. Users can navigate the store’s dynamic community leaderboard, which shines a spotlight on popular and trending GPTs spanning diverse categories like DALL·E, writing, research, programming, education, and lifestyle. With this intuitive platform, individuals can effortlessly unearth GPTs that cater to their specific needs and interests.

Featuring Remarkable GPTs

OpenAI has embarked on a mission to highlight exceptional GPTs, identifying those that bring exceptional value to users. Among the inaugural lineup of featured GPTs are:

  1. AllTrails: Offering personalized trail recommendations.
  2. Consensus: Empowering users to search and synthesize results from a staggering collection of 200 million academic papers.
  3. Khan Academy’s Code Tutor: Facilitating the expansion of coding skills.
  4. Canva: Enabling the design of captivating presentations and engaging social media posts.
  5. Books: Assisting users in finding their next captivating read.
  6. CK-12 Flexi AI Tutor: Providing anytime, anywhere access to math and science learning.

These featured GPTs are expected to elevate user experiences across various domains, from education to creativity.

Contributing to the GPT Store

OpenAI encourages users to actively contribute their own GPTs to the platform. Building a GPT is an intuitive process that does not necessitate coding expertise. To contribute a GPT to the store, users must ensure their creation aligns with OpenAI’s stringent usage policies and brand guidelines. To guarantee compliance, OpenAI has implemented a robust review system, incorporating both human and automated assessments. Users are also empowered to report GPTs that may violate these policies.

Opportunities for Builders

In the first quarter of this year, OpenAI will initiate a GPT builder revenue program. In its initial phase, U.S.-based builders will receive compensation based on user engagement with their GPTs. Detailed criteria for payments will be provided as the program’s launch date approaches, offering builders a potential source of income from their innovative creations.

Enhanced Management for Teams and Enterprises

OpenAI introduces the ChatGPT Team plan, tailored to accommodate teams of all sizes. Team plan subscribers gain exclusive access to a private section within the GPT Store, housing GPTs securely published to their workspace. For ChatGPT Enterprise customers, the GPT Store’s availability is on the horizon, accompanied by a suite of enhanced administrative controls. These controls empower Enterprise customers to govern the sharing of internal GPTs and determine the usage of external GPTs within their business environment. OpenAI underscores that all activities on ChatGPT Team and Enterprise plans uphold stringent privacy measures, with no utilization of conversations to enhance their models.

The launch of the GPT Store signifies a monumental stride toward providing users with tailored, AI-powered solutions. It fosters collaboration between developers and the community, signifying OpenAI’s steadfast commitment to expanding the capabilities and accessibility of ChatGPT and other GPT-based services. Users can now embark on an enriching journey of discovery within the GPT Store, a testament to OpenAI’s unwavering dedication to enhancing the AI landscape.