ServiceNow, a leading digital workflow company, has announced its expansion into the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, marking a significant milestone in the region’s technological landscape. With a committed investment of $500 million, the company aims to foster innovation, drive digital transformation, and contribute to job creation and skills development in Saudi Arabia.

The expansion plans include the establishment of two dedicated in-country data centers to support the next-generation cloud platform. These data centers will adhere to stringent data privacy standards while meeting the country’s requirements for data residency and low-latency connectivity.

Moreover, ServiceNow has forged strategic partnerships with prominent entities in Saudi Arabia, including The Garage and Saudi Digital Academy. The collaboration with The Garage aims to support the growth of startups in Riyadh, offering them access to the ServiceNow platform for acceleration and post-acceleration programs. This initiative aligns with the broader goal of fostering a thriving startup ecosystem in the Kingdom.

Additionally, the collaboration with Saudi Digital Academy will lead to the launch of the ServiceNow Academy, a pioneering initiative aimed at training thousands of Saudis in digital skills. This initiative underscores ServiceNow’s commitment to empowering local talent and contributing to the digital economy.

The expansion efforts also include plans for a new ServiceNow Regional Headquarters for the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) in Riyadh, further solidifying the company’s presence in the region.

Commenting on the expansion, His Excellency Khalid Al-Falih, Minister of Investment of Saudi Arabia, highlighted the importance of private sector investment in driving the Kingdom’s technological advancement. He emphasized the role of such investments in facilitating economic growth and aligning with the goals of Saudi Vision 2030.

Bill McDermott, Chairman and CEO of ServiceNow, expressed enthusiasm about the partnership with Saudi Arabia, recognizing the Kingdom’s vision for technological innovation. He emphasized ServiceNow’s commitment to offering cutting-edge digital solutions that would benefit businesses, citizens, and the workforce in Saudi Arabia.

ServiceNow’s expansion in Saudi Arabia is poised to contribute significantly to the Kingdom’s strategic objectives, including the digitization of key sectors such as healthcare and education, leveraging AI for economic growth, and equipping the workforce with essential digital skills.

With its substantial investment and strategic initiatives, ServiceNow is set to play a pivotal role in shaping Saudi Arabia’s digital future and supporting its journey towards achieving the ambitious goals outlined in Saudi Vision 2030.