X, the rebranded platform formerly known as Twitter, has made significant payouts of nearly $20 million to content creators, as disclosed by X CEO Linda Yaccarino. This initiative, which began in July, involves compensating creators for a portion of the advertising revenue generated by ads displayed in replies to their posts by verified users. To qualify for these earnings, users must subscribe to X Premium (formerly known as Twitter Blue), have over 500 followers, and have accumulated more than 5 million tweet impressions over the past three months.

The initial payouts in July, covering earnings from February onwards, amounted to approximately $5 million, as confirmed by owner Elon Musk. If X has now distributed $20 million, it suggests that a considerable number of creators have joined the program or that X’s ads are generating higher impression numbers.

In a bid to enhance engagement, creators are now motivated to encourage user responses to their tweets. While this may foster conversations, it’s worth noting that platforms like Facebook have demonstrated that heightened emotions tend to drive greater user engagement.

Since its inception, Twitter has not been a primary choice for creators due to the challenges in monetizing a following. In contrast, platforms like YouTube have enabled creators in their partner programs to share in ad revenue for more than a decade. With the potential for creators to earn on the platform now, there’s a compelling reason for users to subscribe to X Premium (still not a porn site) and start sharing content.