According to The Financial Times, senior YouTube employees are concerned that TikTok competitor Shorts would eat away at the company’s long-form content, which has been its mainstay for nearly two decades. Further information reveals that, while lately recovering, YouTube’s ad income has been dropping year over year for three straight quarters.

YouTube is still working out how to make more money from Shorts advertising. Its long-form content allows it to show more adverts per video, but as short-form content takes control, content creators themselves are submitting less long films, according to the Financial Times, citing YouTube employees concerned about internal numbers.

However, YouTube must continue to promote Shorts as it grows in popularity, whether senior staff members like it or not. Adding services like AI summaries and NFL highlights, as well as making concessions in other areas of Google’s business to maintain the satisfaction and support of other sectors, is necessary to keep up with that. Additionally, it entails putting money into the creators of Shorts and offering them incentives to produce only content for YouTube.