Amazon has recently decided not to go ahead with its planned purchase of iRobot, the company known for making the Roomba vacuum. This decision came about because the European Union had concerns that the deal might limit competition. They were worried that Amazon might not allow other companies to sell similar products on its platform.

Because of this, iRobot has had to make some big changes. They announced that they would have to let go of about 31% of their employees, which is a significant number of their staff. This is a tough situation for the company.

Additionally, there’s been a change in leadership at iRobot. Colin Angle, who helped start the company, is stepping down from his role as CEO. Glen Weinstein, who has been with iRobot for a long time, will take over as the interim CEO.

The failed deal also means Amazon has to pay iRobot $94 million. This money will help iRobot with its financial needs, especially after it recently took on some new debt.

This situation shows how complex and challenging it can be for big companies to merge, especially when different countries’ rules and concerns come into play. It also highlights how these decisions can have a big impact on the people working at these companies.