This year, at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, TikTok introduced a new element by bringing four of its top content creators from around the world. These creators were invited to share their passion for various social causes at this high-profile gathering, which traditionally includes global leaders from politics and business, along with TikTok’s top executives.

Among the creators was Nadya Okamoto, an entrepreneur focused on destigmatizing menstruation and ending period poverty. Joining her was Dr. Karan Rajan, a surgeon and author from England, who is known for his efforts to combat health misinformation. Vina Muliana from Indonesia, an HR professional known for her career guidance posts, and Erika Thompson, a beekeeper and environmental advocate, were also part of the team.

Throughout the week, these influencers engaged in discussions with diverse people and organizations, representing the causes they support. They also attended a special dinner organized by TikTok in the Swiss ski resort.

At the event, Nadya Okamoto, who enjoys a following of over four million on TikTok, had a significant meeting with Dr. Natalia Kanem, the Executive Director of the United Nations Population Fund. Dr. Karan Rajan, with his 5.2 million followers, collaborated with the WEF to produce content featuring notable figures like the European Space Agency and astronaut Matthias Mauer.

Vina Muliana, whose TikTok account boasts more than 8.5 million followers, interviewed Gilbert F. Houngbo, the Director General of the International Labour Office. Their conversation revolved around AI’s future in the workforce and essential skills for career starters. Erika Thompson, who has a following of 11.5 million, had the opportunity to meet with her idol, the renowned environmentalist Jane Goodall, discussing her influence on Erika’s life and career.

Reflecting on her experience, Nadya Okamoto expressed her gratitude for TikTok’s support in advocating for menstrual equity and inspiring global change. Dr. Karan Rajan highlighted his goal of using TikTok to improve health literacy and make health care more accessible and equitable.

The event also included a fireside chat featuring the creators and TikTok’s Head of Operations, Adam Presser. TikTok’s Global General Counsel Erich Andersen and President of Global Business Solutions, Blake Chandlee, were also in attendance.

Adam Presser emphasized the role of these creators in making TikTok a success, highlighting their contributions to the platform’s billion-plus user community. He praised the creators for embodying TikTok’s values of sustainability, equality, education, learning, creativity, and joy.