Microsoft has introduced a new tool in its Teams app, named Mesh. This tool allows people to meet in a virtual space using cartoon-like versions of themselves, called avatars. This is especially useful for teams that work in different places, as it lets them work together online as if they were in the same room.

Companies like Accenture and Takeda have already tested Mesh. They found that it helps their teams work together better during online meetings, making these meetings more interesting and interactive.

What makes Mesh special is that it’s easy to use. Businesses can change their virtual meeting spaces to suit their style, adding things like their own videos and logos. This can be done without needing any special programming skills. Mesh works with Unity, a platform by Microsoft, which allows even more ways to customize these virtual spaces.

Mesh is available for use on regular computers and also on VR devices like the Meta Quest, for a more realistic experience. Microsoft is letting businesses try Mesh for free for six months. After that, they can choose from different subscription plans, depending on what they need.

The launch of Mesh marks a big step in how we think about work. It’s making work more adaptable and helping people stay connected, no matter where they are.