Google has introduced new AI tools for education at the Bett ed-tech event. These tools will change how teachers run classes, make lesson plans, and interact with students.

AI in the Classroom

Google has improved its Classroom platform with AI. Teachers can now add questions to YouTube videos using AI suggestions. This feature was first shown in June 2023 but was limited to a few users. It’s now more widely available.

Google’s ‘Practice sets’ feature uses AI to create answers and hints. It supports over 50 languages now. Teachers can turn Google Forms into practice sets for more interactive learning.

A new ‘Resources’ tab helps manage practice sets and questions in videos. This makes it easier for teachers to organize and use digital resources.

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Managing Classes and Making Learning Accessible

Google is adding new features for class management. Teachers can soon make groups in Google Classroom and give different tasks to each group. They can also use a new feature in Google Slides to add their voice to presentations.

For students who need extra help, Google is making PDFs on ChromeOS readable by screen readers. Chrome browser users can also have text read out loud.

Upgrades to Google Meet and Chromebooks

Google Meet will have new features like closed captions in 30 languages and the ability to highlight more than one speaker.

Google is also showing 15 new Chromebook models at Bett. They plan to update Chromebooks so students can see their upcoming work right on the home screen.

This shows Google’s commitment to using AI to improve education. These tools aim to make teaching more efficient and learning more accessible for everyone.