Telegram is making waves in its latest feature drop for January, offering users an array of exciting upgrades. Among the highlights are the introduction of “view-once” functionality for video and audio messages, the ability to pause and resume recording for voice and video messages, and enhanced read-time controls.

The “view-once” feature, initially rolled out for photos and videos in one-on-one chats in September 2023, has now been extended to voice and video messages. Users can initiate recording by tapping the mic icon, then choose to make the message viewable only once by selecting the “view-once” icon.

In addition, Telegram is giving users the flexibility to pause and resume recording while creating voice and video messages, simplifying the message creation process.

For private one-on-one chats, Telegram is introducing a feature that allows you to see when your message recipient has read your message. This feature can be customized in your settings, giving you control over your privacy.

Premium users are in for a treat with the latest update. They now have the option to hide their read time while still being able to view someone else’s read time if it’s shared publicly. Additionally, premium users can choose who can send them messages first, opting for either “Everyone” or “My Contacts and Premium User.”

Telegram continues to innovate with its recent updates, focusing on improving channel discovery, customization, and call quality with end-to-end encryption. The bot platform has also received enhancements, enabling bots to interact with messages, manage reactions, quotes, links, and send replies to other chats or topics.