In an effort to grant users more flexibility and control on their platform, Facebook has officially introduced the ability to create multiple personal profiles, allowing for a more segmented and personalized experience.

This long-awaited move addresses a common dilemma faced by many users who prefer to keep their personal and professional lives separate. For instance, individuals, including journalists, may have refrained from sharing certain updates or posts in specific groups to safeguard their privacy. Some have even opted to withhold their full names to limit their visibility on the platform.

Now, with the introduction of multiple personal profiles, users can create distinct profiles tailored to their various interests and social circles. Whether it’s a profile exclusively for close friends, one dedicated to a specific hobby or interest, or a profile solely for professional connections, Facebook aims to empower users to engage more comfortably with the audiences they choose.

Facebook explained this new feature by saying, “We heard from people that clearer organization of friends, groups, and interests helps them feel freer to engage with the audience they believe is most relevant…Creating multiple personal profiles lets you easily organize who you share with and what content you see for the various parts of your life.”

Each profile will maintain its unique feed, offering relevant content, and users will have the convenience of switching between profiles without the need to log in repeatedly. However, it’s important to note that certain features such as dating, marketplace, professional mode, and payments will not be initially available for additional personal profiles.

According to a Facebook spokesperson, this option has been in testing for the past year and is now gradually rolling out globally in response to positive feedback. As of July, Facebook boasted more than 3 billion monthly active users, signaling its ongoing importance in the realm of social networking.

With this new feature, Facebook continues to evolve to meet the diverse needs and preferences of its vast and growing user base.