In today’s YouTube event, CEO Neal Mohan unveiled an exciting development for content creators: YouTube is currently in the testing phase of a groundbreaking AI-driven tool within YouTube Studio, designed to streamline the creative brainstorming process.

This innovative tool, aptly named “AI Insights for Creators,” harnesses the power of generative AI to provide video topic suggestions, leveraging data on viewer preferences to fuel creativity. Mohan demonstrated its capabilities using Mahna Ghafori, a popular travel content creator, as a prime example. By analyzing Mahna’s audience interests, the AI tool recommended a video concept delving into Portugal’s rich history and pinpointing specific locations in the region she could showcase for her subscribers.

Mohan emphasized the significance of this tool by highlighting the time-consuming and often unpredictable nature of developing video ideas. He remarked, “The process of developing an idea for a video is time-consuming, and it can feel a lot like hit-and-miss guesswork until the video finally posts and comments start rolling in. This insight is just a jumpstart to the creator’s process. Now, Mahna is freed up to think about all the ways she’ll make the video in her own style.”

Currently undergoing testing with a select group of content creators, “AI Insights” has shown tremendous promise. In an initial trial, YouTube reported that over 70% of surveyed creators found the tool instrumental in generating video ideas. Excitingly, this feature is slated for a full-scale launch in YouTube Studio next year, promising to revolutionize the content creation landscape.