Leading tech companies, including TikTok, Snapchat, and Stability AI, have come together to address the issue of AI-generated child sexual abuse images. This collaborative effort was formalized through a joint statement, also endorsed by governments from the United States, Germany, and Australia, among 27 total signatories. The announcement was made during an event held by Britain on Monday, preceding a global summit on AI safety scheduled for later this week.

The joint statement affirms a commitment to sustained dialogue and technical innovation to combat child sexual abuse in the era of artificial intelligence. It emphasizes the responsible use of AI technology to mitigate the threat of child sexual abuse and pledges ongoing collaboration to prevent AI-related risks from becoming insurmountable.

Citing data from the Internet Watch Foundation, Britain highlighted a dark web forum where users shared nearly 3,000 images of AI-generated child sexual abuse material. The severity of the issue prompted the joint effort to set an example and proactively address the potential abuse of emerging AI technology.

“IWF Chief Executive Susie Hargreaves stressed the importance of taking action now to prevent the widespread abuse of this technology,” stating, “It is essential that we set an example and stamp out the abuse of this emerging technology before it has a chance to fully take root.