TikTok, the popular social media platform known for its short-form video content, is broadening its Effect Creator Rewards program to include more regions and reducing the criteria for creators to start earning money. The announcement, made today, marks a significant expansion of opportunities for content creators across the globe.

The Effect Creator Rewards program, initially launched in May 2023, aims to compensate creators for the effects they design through TikTok’s AR development platform, Effect House. Previously limited to a select number of regions, the program is now rolling out to an additional 33 countries, making it available in a total of 53 regions worldwide.

Among the newly included countries are Argentina, Austria, Chile, Colombia, Denmark, Egypt, Mexico, New Zealand, Saudi Arabia, Sweden, Taiwan, Turkey, and Uruguay, among others. This expansion reflects TikTok’s commitment to fostering creativity and supporting its diverse community of creators on a global scale.

In addition to widening its geographical reach, TikTok is also revising the program’s eligibility requirements and payout structure. Previously, an effect needed to be used in 200,000 qualified videos within 90 days to start earning rewards. However, this threshold has now been lowered to just 100,000 qualified videos, significantly reducing the barrier for creators to monetize their effects.

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Furthermore, TikTok is shifting its payout model from a flat fee system to a Revenue Per Mile (RPM) model. Under this new model, creators will collect rewards based on the total number of qualified videos that utilize their effect within the first 90 days. Once an effect reaches 100,000 unique public video publishes, creators will commence earning rewards, continuing to do so for every additional qualified video until the end of the 90-day period or until they reach the maximum reward.

TikTok acknowledges that this change may result in fewer qualified videos for creators due to the exclusion of private videos from the eligibility criteria. However, the company believes that the RPM model offers a fairer and more sustainable approach to compensating creators for their contributions to the platform.

Since the launch of the Effect Creator Rewards program last year, TikTok reports that some creators have reached maximum payouts of $14,000 per effect and $50,000 per month, highlighting the significant earning potential available to talented creators.

This announcement follows closely on the heels of TikTok’s recent revelation that its revamped creator fund has seen a remarkable increase in total creator revenue, surging by over 250% in the past six months alone. The fund, which is set to exit beta in the coming weeks, underscores TikTok’s ongoing efforts to empower and incentivize its creator community.

As TikTok continues to evolve its monetization strategies and expand opportunities for creators worldwide, the platform solidifies its position as a leading destination for creative expression and community engagement in the digital landscape.